Who’s Your One? Imagine if every member of First Baptist could answer that question with the name of a person—a person for whom they’re praying and with whom they’re sharing the Gospel. Imagine how that could change First Baptist? Imagine how that could change our community…our world?

God’s people don’t merely need another method for evangelism. What they need is a white-hot passion to see people who are far from God experience the new life He offers through Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t matter how many buildings we construct, churches we plant or sermons we preach if lost men, women, and children never experience the transforming work of God. If we never lead someone to experience the transforming work of God, we cannot fulfill the Great Commission.

This s why we’re launching Who’s Your One. This effort is designed to mobilize every member and attender of First Baptist to identify one person they know and begin praying for them and looking for ways to share the Gospel with them over the next year.

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Click here to request a prayer wristband to remind you to pray for your one.