Taking My Next Steps @ FBC Summerfield . . .

All of us are on a journey in our walk with Christ. None of us have arrived at the place of being everything God wants us to be… you could say we all have a next step to take as we follow Jesus. We want to help you take your Next Step here at First Baptist. We are developing a series of 4 courses. We are calling them steps. These are steps to help you reach UP to God, reach IN to the church, and reach OUT to the world.  See below for your next step. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Eric Simmons
Membership 101: Have you been attending First Baptist for a while? Are you a new member? Are you interested in learning more about our church family, our mission, vision, core beliefs, membership expectations, etc?  Click the image above to register for our next Membership 101 class. 
Maturity 201: Following Christ is process of maturity and spiritual growth. In Maturity 201 you'll discover practical tools to help you engage God's word, grow in an active prayer life, share your faith, and grow deeper as a disciple of Christ. Click the image above to register for our next  Maturity 201 class. 
Ministry 301: We believe every Christ-follower has been given a spiritual gift to serve the body of Christ. At FBC Summerfield it's important to us that you know your gifts and be connected to the body in using your gift for the glory of God. Click the image above to register for our next Ministry 301 class. 
Mission 401: Every follower of Christ is called to live on mission for Him. Our desire is to help equip you to live on mission at home, in the workplace, in your school, community...anywhere and everywhere you go. Click the image above to register for our next Mission 401 class.