52 Week Bible Reading Plan for 2021:
Bible Engagement is the foundational principle for discipleship. In 2021, we invite you and your family to join us as we engage Scripture with the F260 (Foundations 260) Bible Reading Plan. In this plan, the Bible has been broken up into 260 days worth of reading that will guide you through the entire meta-narrative of Scripture in just one year. It does not cover every chapter of the Bible, but rather chronologically highlights the major points in the narrative of Israel and leading to the coming of the Messiah, the accounts of His works during His ministry on earth, and the instructions first century apostles left for us in order to know and follow Christ better. This plan is great for individuals, but also has resources for every member of your family to remain engaged in the Bible. The F260 plan is built on 5 days of reading, with 2 days off. The plan can also be engaged on the You Version Bible App.

F260 Reading Plan
The following scripture memory cards may be downloaded, printed on both sides, and cut for weekly scripture memorization.

F260 Scripture Memory Cards – Weeks 1-15
F260 Scripture Memory Cards – Weeks 16 – 30

For other personal and family resources to aid with the F260 Reading Plan, visit https://replicate.org/foundations/

Resources are available for every member of your family:
The CSB Disciple’s Study Bible by Robby Gallaty follows the F-260 Bible Reading Plan, includes space for journaling, and features articles on discipleship. It is available for purchase at Lifeway.com,  CSB Disciple’s Study Bible.

Other resources for adults, teens, and kids are available at, F260 Resources.