Fall Equipping Groups  
Starting August 23, 2023


Love in Chaos by Bob Goff—Pastor Eric  (Co-ed)
You don’t have to look far to see division in our world. And in many ways, we are confused, angry, and disillusioned by all the chaos we’re experiencing and it's hindering our ability to love others. So, how should professing Christ-followers respond to the chaos? What does it look like to love others faithfully in these strange and challenging times? Join Pastor Eric as he leads this study and learn what it looks like to follow Jesus and obey His commands even in a time of chaos.

Restore: Finding the Protection, Provision, Peace, and, Presence of God—Pastor Larry (Sanctuary) (Co-ed)
There are things that drive us in life. Parents want to provide protection and peace, but sometimes that comes at the cost of their presence in the lives of their family. We are a busy people who neglect rest by filling every moment of every day with busyness or activity. Join us, as we discover how our modern lifestyle measures up to God’s plan for person, family, and church.

The Books of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John by Tony Evans—John Hannon  (Co-ed)
Do you want to grow in your faith? Do you want to be challenged in what it means to live for Christ? In a world that hates Jesus, we are called to love Him and His people with a fierce love. In this study you will learn that fellowship with God is the essence of our faith and what motivates us to love others. Join John & Bonnie Hannon as they lead Tony Evans' study on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John and help us grow in our faith.

Next Steps: Ministry 301—Pastor Kelly (Co-ed)
Join Pastor Kelly as he leads our Next Steps: Ministry 301. Next Steps is a part of our assimilation strategy here at First Baptist. If you have not completed Ministry 301 yet, this is a great opportunity for you to do so. Be sure to sign up and discover your spiritual gifts, your SHAPE for ministry, and how you can connect in ministry at First Baptist Summerfield.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Ezekiel's War—Lanny Venard & Regina Burch (Co-ed)
Our generation has seen more prophecies fulfilled than any other generation. Yet, there are more remaining prophesies in the Bible that point to the details of another world war, Ezekiel's War? If you would like to learn more about these remaining prophecies, join Lanny Venard and Regina Burch as they lead an exploration of end time prophesies from the Book of Daniel and Revelation along with scripture that points to the Millennial Kingdom.

The Frazzled Female by Cindi Wood—Dee Wotring (Women Only)
Do you find it difficult to manage your time, get along with difficult people, or taking time for yourself? The Frazzled Female Bible Study by Cindi Wood is a thought-provoking, yet light-hearted, study that helps women discover practical and biblical approaches to confronting issues that otherwise leave them discouraged. Join Dee Wotring as she leads this study and helps participants develop biblical skills to handle stressful situations; grow in their relationship with Jesus; and ultimately, experience peace, joy, and a saner lifestyle.

Intentional Parenting by Doug & Cathy Fields—Erick & Megan Calloway  (Co-Ed) (14 Week Equipping Group) 
No matter how good our intentions, all parents at times resort to quick-fix parenting: things we do to stop a kid's negative or annoying behavior. Quick-fix parenting may temporarily ease a parent's stress level, but it does little to positively impact a child's future. Quick-fix parenting is not a good long-term strategy for parenting. Intentional parenting is the opposite of quick-fix parenting. Intentional parenting is based on solid principles which, applied over time, actually result in less-stressed parents and happier, better-adjusted, and more successful children. Be sure to join Erick & Megan Calloway for this 14-week study and learn how to become an intentional parent.